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Apparatus for cleaning mechanical devices using terpene compounds

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5240018.

Apparatus for cleaning printed wiring boards and/or printed circuit boards after soldering thereof for removal of rosin soldering fluxes using terpene compounds. The apparatus includes three separate components, a first housing containing the terpene washing apparatus, a second housing containing a water rinsing apparatus, and intermediate conveying means for transporting the devices from the first housing to the second housing. This intermediate conveying means should be disposed at an angle such that the end facing the second housing is disposed lower than the first end. Exhaust fans are provided for the first housing to prevent escape of terpene odors or vapors therefrom, while similar exhaust fans in the second housing prevent the escape of water vapor. Scrubbers are provided in the exhaust ducts from the first housing to prevent terpene compounds from escaping to the atmosphere. A flame detector prevents the introduction of boards having flames thereon or being overheated. A series of temperature controls prevent the terpene vapor temperature from rising above a predetermined value to prevent the vapors from igniting.

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