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Counter-rotating twin shaft system for gardening machines

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5224552.

A gardening utility machine having a counter-rotation twin shaft system can perform multiple types of work required for gardening (tilting, soil removal, weeding, racking and shredding of leaves), snow/ice removal and for power de-thatching and mowing of lawn grass. This can be done by exchanging attachments on the counter-rotating twin shafts: if tines are installed on the twin shafts, soil tilling, weeding can be done; if auger blades with or without digging bits are in place instead, the machine can simultaneously till and remove soil or can remove ice/snow, or rack and shred leaves; if the front shaft is installed with a spiked roller and the rear shaft, a shearing reel, then the machine can power de-thatch and mow grass at the same time, and, additional grass clipping mulching ability can be performed if a fan blower equipped with a mulching fan blade and a retractable bedknife is in place.

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