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Die assembly control

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5219588.

A die assembly (10) for controlling extrudate profile dimension. The die assembly includes a die block (12) having a feed passage (16) for movably supporting a diverter member (13) within the die block, and first and second die block passages (18, 20). The diverter member (13) includes a diverter passage (32) and first and second feed openings (34, 36) interconnected by the diverter passage. One of the first or second feed openings (34, 36) has a larger diameter than the other of the first or second feed openings. The diverter member (13) is movable with respect to the die block (12) for directing extrudate flow via the diverter passage (32) through the second die block passage (20), to thereby vary the profile dimension of the extrudate exiting the die block. The die block (12) additionally includes a disposal passage (22). Movement of the diverter member (13) within the die block is provided between a first position providing communication between the first and second die block passages ( 18, 20), and a second position providing communication between the first die block passage (18) and the disposal passage (22). A die plate (14) may be readily changed by directing extrudate flow via the disposal passage (22).

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