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Implantable dental support structure

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5219286.

An implantable dental support structure has a plurality of identical posts each having an end forming a seat and each formed with a bore opening at the seat and respective female elements each having a ball head shaped to fit in the post seat, internally formed with a ball cavity, traversed by a main bore, formed with a laterally open side bore, and also having a stem projecting from the head in general alignment with the side bore but opposite thereto and formed with a socket open away from the head. Respective male elements each have a ball head shaped to fit complementarily in a respective one of the female element cavities and formed with a throughgoing bore alignable with the main bore of the respective female element, and also have a bar projecting from the respective ball head out of the respective cavity through the respective side bore and into the socket of an adjacent female element stem. Respective screws on each post each project through the main bores of the respective female and male element ball heads and are seated in the respective post bore.

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