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Floating bushing roller bearing

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5219232.

A bushing roller bearing having particular application for use in a wing flap assembly of an aircraft by which a wing flap is raised or lowered. The bearing includes metallic, coaxially aligned outer and inner races and a non-metallic intermediate liner disposed therebetween. The inner race is coupled to and rotatable with a shaft that is interconnected with the wing flap. The outer race is adapted to rotate (i.e. ride) along a wing flap track at the wing of an aircraft. The intermediate liner is formed from a self-lubricating composite material which reduces wear and friction between the outer and inner races. The intermediate liner floats through the bearing, such that a clearance exists between the liner and the races to permit the liner to be displaced laterally and radially. By virtue of the intermediate liner, the susceptibility of the bearing excessive wear, to lock-up and possible failure is reduced.

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