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Highly-efficient solid-state blue laser

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5216681.

A highly-efficient solid-state blue laser that exploits a strong emission line provided by a solid-state laser medium of neodymium-doped scandium oxide (Nd:Sc.sub.2 O.sub.3) to produce a beam of coherent blue light at a wavelength matching the absorption line of cesium at 455.6 nm (0.4556 microns). The solid-state blue laser includes the laser medium of neodymium-doped scandium oxide, a semiconductor diode laser array for optically pumping the laser medium to produce a beam of coherent infrared radiation at a wavelength of approximately 1367 nm (1.367 microns), and optical means for tripling the frequency of the beam of coherent infrared radiation to produce a beam of coherent blue light at the wavelength of approximately 455.6 nm. The solid-state blue laser is simple, highly efficient and provides relatively high power outputs.

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