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Zero voltage switching power converter with secondary side regulation

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5206800.

A circuit for utilizing the magnetizing current in the transformer of a converter to reset the transformer's core and to provide a zero-voltage-switching condition on the converter's primary switch and to regulate the output voltage is disclosed. The power converter includes a transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding, the secondary winding being coupled to an output load and a primary switch connected in series between the primary winding and a voltage source. The closing of the primary switch causes energy to be stored in the transformer and the opening of the primary switch causes the energy to be released from the transformer. The utilization circuit includes a series combination of a storage capacitor and a first switch coupled in parallel with one of the transformer's windings to capture the energy released from the transformer. The captured energy is used to reset the transformer's core and to create a zero voltage switching condition across the primary switch. A second switch means is connected in series with the secondary winding of the transformer and is operated to prevent the loading effects of the secondary from interrupting the creation of the zero-voltage switching condition. A secondary side regulation circuit is included to both regulate the output voltage and to prevent the loading effects of the secondary circuit from interfering with zero-voltage switching in the primary circuit.

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