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Laparoscopic irrigator-aspirator blunt dissector

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5205816.

A laparoscopic medical instrument for performing blunt dissection, as well as irrigation and aspiration of the operative field. The instrument comprises an elongated suction tube having proximal and distal ends, with the proximal end connected to a source of irrigation fluid and to vacuum suction equipment. A cannulated mandrel is partly inserted into the distal end leaving a portion of the mandrel extending outwardly from the elongated tube. A strip of cloth having a textured surface is wound around the outwardly extending portion of the mandrel for performing blunt dissection. An inner tube extends within the mandrel such that the bore of the inner tube is in registry with the bore of the elongated tube to provide a continuous internal bore extending through the entire instrument for supplying irrigation fluid and for removing the fluid and debris during aspiration. An X-ray opaque strip is wound within the cloth strip.

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