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Single article newspaper dispensing apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5205437.

A single article dispensing apparatus adapted for newspaper vending captures a bundle of newspapers between opposing support plates with one movable plate being spring biased toward the stationary plate. Newspaper engaging pins extend beyond the stationary support plate and into the space between the opposing support plates to engage the back edge of a newspaper of the bundle. Upon deposit of the necessary coins and pulling of a dispensing handle, the newspaper engaging pins slide the newspaper from the bundle and out through an output door of the vending machine. When all newspapers in the bundle are dispensed and the support plates come to direct face-to-face opposition, a last copy of the newspaper held behind a display window is automatically dispensed upon the next actuation of the dispensing handle. The vending machine restricts access to the inventory of newspapers and allows a purchaser but one copy of the newspaper for payment of one copy.

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