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Full color copying machine

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5204729.

A full color copying machine which includes intermediate transfer medium whereon toner images having respective color components, formed on a photoreceptor are transferred to form one color toner image, and a screen filter disposed so as to be freely inserted or removed in or from a path of exposure light, which filters the exposure light for exposing the photoreceptor into a pattern of lines. A plurality of color toner images obtained by executing a plurality of copying processes based on a plurality of exposures applied to an original document are superposed on the intermediate transfer medium to form a color toner image. The copying machine further includes a screen mode for inserting a screen filter into a path of exposure light and a normal mode for removing the screen filter from the path of exposure light. Thus, exposures intended for low density components and high density components in an original document image are respectively performed by the use of the different modes, or they are respectively performed by changing setting conditions of the screen filter in the screen mode. With these arrangements, efficient application of the exposure device and high quality of the copied images can be achieved.

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