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Flushable low carryover container

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5192504.

Minimum carryover container for the successive containment of discrete liquids as are successively introduced thereinto, and minimum carryover discrete liquid analysis system utilizing the container, are disclosed; and operate through use of container materials which are selectively wettable by an immiscible isolation liquid which is introduced to the container independently of the discrete liquids to form an independently flowing isolation liquid stream which covers the walls of the container from the container inlet to the container outlet thereby preventing contact by the discrete liquids with the container walls. The container can include wall portions enabling the transmission of light energy therethrough from the outside of the container. The analysis system makes use of the container for the successive containment and processing for analysis of the discrete liquids; and for the generation and supply of an isolation liquid based discrete liquid stream containing the processed discrete liquids in series to analysis apparatus, the successive supply of the processed discrete liquids in series to anlysis apparatus by the successive withdrawal thereof from the container, or the successive analyses of the processed discrete liquids in situ in the container, respectively.

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