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Continuously monitored supplemental obstruction detector for garage door operator

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5191268.

An automatic door operator with a continuously monitored supplemental obstruction detector. In a first embodiment, the obstruction detector is a radiant beam obstruction detector that transmits a beam of modulated radiant energy across the door opening. A safety signal generator produces an active safety signal only on unobstructed receipt of radiant energy by a receiver. Failure to receive the active safety signal when the motor is closing the door at least stops the door. A two wire cable, which carries both power and the active safety signal, connects the supplemental obstruction detector to the automatic door operator. Constant activation of a portable transmitter or of a local push button can override the supplemental obstruction detector to close the door. An alternative supplemental obstruction detector includes a safety edge having a compressible tube disposed on a leading end of the door. Plural conductors change their conductive state upon compression of the compressible tube. This embodiment may include a delay upon detection of compression of the compressible tube so that contact with the floor is not detected as an obstruction.

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