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Precision linoleum edge trimming tool

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5189795.

A tool for trimming edge portions of linoleum to fit against a bordering wall has leading and trailing ends and a downwardly opening throat which extends lengthwise of the tool and opens through the ends thereof. The throat is dimensioned to enable an edge portion of the thickest and stiffest linoleum to be entered in and pass through the throat and be held upwardly curved against the outer wall of the throat as the tool is advanced along the wall with spaced edge portions in engagement with the wall at its junction with the floor or a covering thereon and disposed to hold the front of the tool out of contact with the wall or a baseboard. The tool has a holder for a blade exposed in the throat in the trailing end and disposed to sever the edge portion against the outer or front wall of the throat as the tool is advanced.

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