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Process for producing grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having high magnetic flux density

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5186762.

A process for producing a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having a high magnetic flux density, comprising the steps of: heating a steel slab comprising 1.8 to 4.8 wt % Si, 0.012 to 0.050 wt % acid-soluble A1, 0.010 wt % or less N, and the balance consisting of Fe and unavoidable impurities, to a temperature for hot rolling; hot-rolling the heated slab to form a hot-rolled strip; cold-rolling the hot-rolled strip to a final product sheet thickness at a final cold rolling reduction of 80% or more by a single step of cold rolling or by two or more steps of cold rolling with an intermediate annealing step inserted therebetween; primary-recrystallization-annealing the cold-rolled strip; final-annealing the primary-recrystallization-annealed strip so that secondary-recrystallized grains substantially completely grow up in a temperature region of from to C. and then purification is effected above C.; and subjecting the primary-recrystallization-annealed steel strip to a nitriding treatment before a secondary recrystallization occurs during the final annealing.

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