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Brushing station for a labelling machine for labelling bottles and the like

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5185053.

A brushing station for bottles with a turntable that has an unhooded bottle support mounted so that it can rotate on a substructure. On the outside circumference of the bottle support are receptacles formed by rotary plates and centering heads for the bottles to which foil sheets are to be applied. The drive mechanisms for the rotary plates and the drive mechanisms for the centering heads are cam transmissions which are installed in an enclosed space that is formed by the substructure and the bottle support that are in the form of a shell. The centering heads are supported by cantilever arms on columns, that are axially guided in a central guide body located between the receptacles. The guide body, on its outside circumference, has a pivot or rotational bearing for a support ring, that supports brush elements that are located on the inside of the path of the bottles. The support ring is held and prevented from rotating by a holder that is positioned in the area of the guide between the feeder star wheel and the discharge star wheel.

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