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Divers first stage adjustable regulator

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5184609.

An adjustable regulator of the type having fluid coupling oil within a cavity exposed to ambient pressure and overlying a diaphragm which operates based upon imbalances of said ambient pressure and an intermediate pressure zone on the other side of said diaphragm. The adjustment of the spring on the diaphragm is accomplished by means of a cap screw which is screwed into the sidewalls of the regulator within the cavity holding the oil. The oil is prevented from draining from the cavity by a second diaphragm overlying the oil in the cavity which can flex based upon changes in ambient pressure. The cap screw has a threaded extension in the form of a stem and tool surface on the other side of said stem for turning said cap screw. The stem passes through the second diaphragm in a sealed manner to prevent flow of coupling fluid between the interface of the diaphragm and the stem while at the same time allowing for adjustment by turning the cap screw in its adjacent threads so that compression can be changed with regard to the spring thereby adjusting the entire regulator. A further improvement is a valve seat which deters delamination of the valving surface between the metal of the valve seat and the sealing material by the sealing medium extending into an intermediate pressure zone to help prevent delamination from the metal surface.

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