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Composite video and graphics display for camera viewing systems in robotics and teleoperation

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5182641.

A system for real-time video image display for robotics or remote-vehicle teleoperation having at least one robot arm or remotely operated vehicle controlled by an operator through hand-controllers, and one or more television cameras and optional lighting elements. The system has at least one television monitor for display of a television image from a selected one of the cameras and the ability to select one of the cameras for image display. Graphics are generated with icons of the cameras and lighting elements for display surrounding the television image to provide the operator information as to location and orientation of each camera and lighting element, region of illumination of each lighting element, viewed region and range of focus of each camera, an indication of which camera is currently selected for image display for each monitor, and an indication of when controller coordinates for said robot arms or remotely operated vehicles have been transformed to correspond to coordinates of a selected or nonselected camera.

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