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Film cassette

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5174519.

In a film cassette, a spool having a roll of film wound on it is rotatable within a cassette body, but the film leader of this film does not protrude from the cassette body. The roll of film is held between a pair of flanges of the spool or the film roll is pressed by a projecting member and a resilient member disposed on the inner wall of the cassette body. Thus the roll of film, when the spool is rotated, is also rotated together with it. As a result, the film leader is fed outside the cassette. In order to prevent light from entering the cassette from the film withdrawing slot, the film withdrawing slot is closed by a cover member and a mask. Also, by virture of a provision of a film passage extending within the cassette in a curved state or by mounting a projecting portion on the film leader, the interior of the cassette is masked.

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