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Leg and arm protector

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5173967.

A protective leg or arm covering is manufactured from a single piece of material. The material is cut into a blank having the shape to fit the purpose needed to protect the portion of the leg or arm desired. It is designed to be wrapped around the leg or arm, securing snugly but comfortably in the area of protection from the top of the leg or arm with the lateral edges extending to the bottom of the leg or arm or any partial area in between. A hook and pile closure sewn at the corners of the top and the bottom elevations of said blank of material provides the user with adjustability to the desired snugness of the fit. A hook and pile closure sewn along the lateral edges of said blank of material provides the user with full or partial protection from anything that would penetrate or enter the opening along said lateral edges. The device is light weight, having no metal strips for support or other heavy objects required in its construction, requires nothing to be removed on the leg, foot, or arm to be attached securely to the leg or arm of the wearer, and is quick and easy to put on and take off.

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