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Driving apparatus for doors

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5172518.

This specification discloses an automatic linear-motor-type driving apparatus for doors applied to windows, walls, opening portions as doorways of houses or vehicles, and the like. A driving apparatus for doors according to the present invention comprises: a door-like driven body; a conductive rail having a shape of inverted T with an edge portion at the center thereof, the conductive rail performing a function of a secondary member of a linear motor; two traveling bodies each consisting of two unit traveling bodies opposing each other, the unit traveling bodies moving along a surface of the conductive rail by means of first rollers disposed on a bottom surface thereof to drive the driven body; a connecting portion for connecting the pair of unit traveling bodies and a top of the driven body such that each unit traveling body of the pair of unit traveling bodies oppose each other across the edge portion of the conductive rail; a primary coil of the linear motor disposed on side surfaces of the unit traveling bodies opposing each other; second rollers disposed on side surfaces of the unit traveling bodies opposing each other; the second rollers rolling along side surfaces of the edge portion of the conductive rail while maintaining predetermined gaps between the primary coils and the side surfaces of the edge portion.

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