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Holder for lipstick with movable covers

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5171096.

A cosmetic stick holder has a housing with an opening at its upper end and a sidewall with access apertures therein, and a body member seated in the housing with a generally circular sidewall having access apertures therein. A generally cylindrical guide member is seated in the body member and has a pair of diametrically spaced, axially extending slots, and a tubular thimble of generally annular cross section is seated between the body and guide members in alignment with the apertures of the housing and body member so as to be manipulatable therethrough. The thimble has a helically extending channel on its inner surface and is rotatable relative to the body and guide members. A carrier cup has guide pins extending radially outwardly from its sidewall through the axially extending slots of the guide member and slidably seating in the helical channel of the thimble, so that its rotation produces movement of the carrier cup axially. A rider is movable axially within the lower end of the body member and abuts the lower end of the carrier cup. A pair of links have elongated connector elements extending axially between the housing and body member, and lower leg elements extending in opposed relationship which are pivotally connected intermediate their length to the body member and at their other end to the rider. A pair of cover members have one end pivotally supported on the upper ends of the links, and extend across and close the top opening of the housing when in a horizontal disposition. Axial movement of the rider causes the lower leg elements of the links to pivot in a toggle action and move the connector elements upwardly and downwardly to pivot the cover members into open and closed position.

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