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Lamp housing

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5170332.

A lamp housing having a non-metallic exterior guard and handle assembly and threaded relief passages is disclosed. The exterior guard comprises a series of flared nylon spokes spaced about the circumference of the globe for cushioning the lamp and its tempered glass globe during impact with hard surfaces. One end of each spoke converges to a common location at the top of the lamp housing, while the other terminates along the circumference of a ring concentric with the lower portion of the globe. The lamp housing also includes threaded joints forming helical relief passages for permitting hot, pressurized gasses, should any be present, to cool before exiting the housing. Other features of the invention include a strain relief structure for relieving stresses on electrical connections with external cables and a hook for permitting the structure to be fixed about appropriate objects. The non-metallic exterior guard, threaded relief joints, and other insulating components make the present invention well-suited for use in wet, corrosive, or combustible surroundings.

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