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Electron-emitting device and process for making the same

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5170092.

An electron-emitting device including; electrical insulating substrates (1); an intermediate layer having a metal layer (2) and an insulating material layer (3) or having an insulating material layer (3), superposed in the thickness direction of said electrical insulating substrates (1) so as to be provided between said electrical insulating substrates (1) in the manner that it is recessed from one side surfaces of said electrical insulating substrates (1); a cathode material (4) provided at the middle portion of said intermediate layer, one end of said cathode material (4) protruding from the insulating material layer (3) that constitutes said intermediate layer; and a gate electrode (5) provided on said electrical insulating substrate (1) on the side where said intermediate layer is recessed.

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