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Material loading apparatus for material working machines

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5167358.

A material loading apparatus for material working machines comprises loading slide elements for stepwise conveying one of a wire and strip material guided in a main guide along a guidance direction. The loading slide elements having a controlled slide-mounted material clamping device, an oscillating drive connected to the loading slide elements and a controlled material holding device. Stopping of the material clamping device at its extreme positions along the main guide is achieved via slide abutments. A resilient transmission system is provided in the driving connection between the oscillating drive and the slide-mounted clamping device. The loading slide elements have, in connection with oscillating drive, a main slide guided in a main guide and a secondary slide provided on the main slide and capable of moving substantially parallel to the main guide. The secondary slide is connected to the main slide, with at least a part of the resilient transmission system disposed between the main and secondary slides.

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