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Frequency interrupt continuous transmit active sonar transmission and signal processing technique

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5150335.

In a time continuous transmit active sonar system the frequency of the transmitted waveform is interrupted at predetermined intervals so that a frequency discontinuity in the transmitted waveform occurs at each interruption. The starting and ending frequencies at the beginning and end of the interruptions provide indications for properly resolving the range/Doppler ambiguity that is inherent in prior continuous transmit sonar systems. The transmitted signal may be frequency modulated. Further, the frequency of the transmitted waveform may be rapidly changed and/or multiple frequency waveforms may be transmitted within the same time interval. An existing passive sonar detection system may be modified to include an active continuous transmit sonar system whose echo returns may be processed by the passive system, thereby achieving benefits over conventional active pulsed sonar systems.

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