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Method and apparatus for assembling a fusee and wire support stand

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5149912.

Method and apparatus for automatically attaching a substantially U-shaped support stand to a fusee includes an annular indexable turntable provided with holders for receiving support stands at one workstation, and fusees in assembled relationship with the support stands at another workstation. The support stands are deformed from substantially straight shapes to substantially U-shapes as they are loaded into the holders on the turntable. The free ends of the support stand are subsequently inwardly curled prior to assembly with the fusees. The fusees are fed from a supply hopper, cleaned, and successively inserted into a holder on the turntable in assembled relationship with successively presented support stands.Subsequently, the turntable is indexed to additional workstations where predetermined lengths of polyfilament tape are successively applied to end portions of the fusees, and subsequently wrapped about the fusees and associated end portions of the support stand to securely join one to the other. At a final workstation, assembled fusees and support stands are successively removed and loaded onto a conveyor in groups which are thereafter successively off-loaded into boxes at a packaging station.

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