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Method and apparatus hydraulic turbine repair

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5148635.

A method and apparatus is disclosed for use in a hydraulic assembly (1) for purposes of repairing and resurfacing of turbine liner walls (8) pitted as a result of cavitation and the like. The method includes rotation of turbine blades (6) and a turbine shaft (2) through a turning mechanism (18) positioned on a blade (6), so the turning forces are exerted directly between the turning mechanism and the surface of the liner wall (8). The method and apparatus further includes the use of a repair assembly (16) mounted to the turbine blades (6) for selectively positioning a grinding mechanism (104) adjacent the liner wall (8) for grinding and sanding the same. The grinder mechanism (104) includes components for selectively adjusting horizontal and vertical positioning of the mechanism (104). The horizontal and vertical positioning components can also be employed with other mechanisms for performing repairing and resurfacing operations.

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