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Snap-in bracket for circuit breaker

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5146056.

A improved snap-in bracket for supporting an electronic component in an opening in a support panel has, a cylindrical body disposed for friction-fit or ultrasonically welded engagement with the electronic component, holding members hingedly connected on diametrically opposing sides of the cylindrical body, locking tabs operatively associated with the holding members, and resilient fingers medially connected at opposite sides of a cylindrical body and at a predetermined spaced distance from the holding members. When the snap-in bracket is in assembled position, the holding members are disposed to engage the upper face of the support panel about the opening therein to exert a downward force upon the upper face, and the resilient fingers are disposed to engage the lower face of the panel about the opening therein and exert an upward force thereon opposite to the two forces exerted by the holding members for operative coaction therewith to detachably fix and maintain the snap-in bracket in assembled position. Further, the locking tabs are positioned within the opening in the support panel and exert a force upon the wall of the opening with a magnitude directly proportional to the magnitude of external forces that may be exerted against the snap-in bracket to effectively prevent deformation of the holding members when the snap-in bracket is in assembled position. Additionally, the improved snap-in bracket as above described, wherein the improved snap-in bracket and the electronic component are manufactured as an integral unit to be detachably fixed and maintained in the opening in the support panel.

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