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Collapsible tent structure

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5137044.

A lightweight tent which is virtually self-erecting and free-standing. It does not require any stakes, poles, shock cords, or ropes to support it. The tent of the present invention generally has four fabric walls and a floor. It is supported by two flexible hoops, each sewn into a portion of one of two opposing sidewalls. The floor is attached to the bottom of these sidewalls as well as the other two sidewalls. When erect, the top of the hoops nest, one inside the other, while the bottom of the hoops are spaced apart to form the floor area. The tent can be easily and compactly collapsed with a simple twisting and folding motion into three concentric, circular loops, each approximately one third the size of the original hoop. It attaches to the outside of a backpack, saving internal space and sheltering the pack.

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