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Indexing conveyor for a die transfer system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5136874.

A die transfer system that includes a lower die, an upper die carried for reciprocal vertical movement toward and away from the lower die to perform at least one operation on a workpiece positioned therebetween, and a conveyor for sequentially conveying workpieces between the dies. The conveyor includes a plurality of hands for gripping workpieces and spaced from each other by distances corresponding to stations of the die. The conveyor and hands are indexed in a direction through the die between the stations in synchronism with motion of the upper die. The hands are moved simultaneously in at least one direction perpendicular to the indexing direction by a camshaft that extends through the stations along an axis parallel to the indexing direction. A cam is mounted on the camshaft for rotation with the camshaft in synchronism with motion of the upper die. A follower arrangement couples the cam to the hands so that reciprocal rotation of the camshaft about its axis results in reciprocal motion of the hands in one or more directions lateral to the direction of conveyance of the workpieces through the die stations.

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