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Brake lining wear indicating device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5133431.

A brake lining wear indicating device is inserted into an aperture (7) of a brake lining carrier (8) of a drum or disc brake from the side facing away from the brake lining (1) and secured in the aperture. The indicating device includes a slotted (16) sleeve shaped holder (2) and a contact member (3) inserted into and axially secured to the holder and has an electrical conductor (4) therein. In order that the indicating device can be fitted into brake lining carriers of different thickness, holder (2) has on its side facing away from the brake lining (1) a frustonconical section (13) having an outwardly narrowing inner frustoconical area (14) and several axially extending slots (16). When contact member (3) is inserted into holder (2), frustoconical part (13) of the holder is forcibly radially expanded and wedged into aperture (7) of brake lining carrier (8).

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