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Method and apparatus for broadband measurement of dielectric properties

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5132623.

A method and apparatus measures dielectric properties over a broad range of frequencies. The functions of various resistivity and dielectric constant measuring devices such as logging tools are combined in a single tool. A measuring tool includes novel transmitting and receiving antennas. Electromagnetic energy flows to a transmitting antenna. A stripline adapter permits transmission to a stripline having a metallic central strip. A strip face is bent at approximately right angles, and has a length that is compatible with the desired frequency coverage. A ground plane extends from the stripline adapter to the right angle bend, and a void exists between the center strip and the ground plane. A dielectric is positioned to nearly fill the void. The antennas are positioned so that the strip face lies flush with the tool face, to permit electromagnetic energy to be transmitted into and out of the material to be analyzed. An enclosure comprised of four metallic walls surrounds the stipline, and is in electrical contact with the ground plane and the stripline adapter. The invention permits an analysis of the fluids in the material as well.

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