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Ring cone type stepless transmission

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5129869.

A ring cone type stepless transmission for effecting change speed on a torque received from an input section and transmitting the torque to an output section. The transmission comprises a main shaft for rotatably supporting a carrier which rotatably supports a plurality of taper cones. The main shaft further supports a disk-shaped rotatable member spring-loaded for contacting the taper cones to effect torque transmission therewith. A ring-shaped change speed member is provided movable parallel to the main shaft to contact varied positions of the taper cones, thereby varying a transmission ratio between the carrier and rotatable member. A supporting member is also mounted on the main shaft for contacting and supporting the taper cones. This supporting member counteracts a moment acting on the taper cones as a result of contact pressures applied to the taper cones from the rotatable member and change speed member.

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