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Continuously variable transmission

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5129272.

A variable speed transmission transmits power between an input and output in which a pinion gear, a rotor and a cam are mounted for relative rotation therebetween. First and second gear rack pairs have opposite facing toothed gear racks which are spaced apart sufficiently to receive the pinion gear and cam therebetween when the pinion gear engages at least one of the gear racks, and an outer surface of the cam is adjacent at least one of the gear racks. Structure is provided to prevent contact between the rack teeth and the outer surface of the cam. First and second rack supports support the rack pairs against lateral movement to ensure full engagement between the pinion and sequentially engaged racks. The rack supports slidingly engage the rotor to transmit power therebetween in such a manner that a resultant force vector from contact between the pinion gear and gear rack passes closely adjacent a point of contact between a rack support and the rotor. Teeth of the gears have inclined tooth tip end faces to facilitate meshing.

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