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Device for surface treating of metal parts

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5117850.

The objects and purposes of the invention are met by providing a device for surface treating of metal parts which includes a frame, and annular basin mounted on the frame and adapted to hold a first treatment solution therein. An upwardly inclined track encircles the annular basin and a passageway is provided between the interior of the annular basin and an inlet end of the track. A gate is utilized to keep the metal parts within the annular basin when the gate is closed and to allow the metal parts to move on the track when the gate is open. At least one treatment station is provided along the length of the track with fluid delivery structure being provided for spraying a second treatment solution onto the metal parts as they move therepast. An eccentrically located weight is provided on a rotatable shaft in the central portion of the annular basin so that when the drive motor drives the shaft for rotation, the annular basin and the track will be subjected to an oscillatory vibration causing the parts to move in a circular path within the basin as well as up the track when the gate is in the open position.

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