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Combination coin and mileage minder

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5112276.

A coin dispenser and numerical register (10) having first, second, third, fourth and fifth numerical wheels (13), (15), (17), (19) and (21) and first, second and third coin receptacles (23), (25) and (27), mounted in a portable housing (11), is described. The first coin receptacle has a sleeve (37) for mounting a plurality of coins (35) while the first numerical wheel is mounted on a shaft (49) with an associated registering gear (51). The first coin receptacle and the first and the second numerical wheels are serviced by a common wire (47). The wire forms a spring (47b) that is disposed in the sleeve of the first coin receptacle for advancing the plurality of coins after an upper most coin is removed from the receptacle. The wire also forms a pawl (47c) in ratchet engagement with the registering gear of the first numerical wheel and an associated registering gear of the second numerical wheel. The pawl allows the wheels to only be easily turned in one direction for registering the indicia in their respective indicia openings in the face plate of the housing. The other coin receptacles and numerical wheels are in similarly cooperative relationships through servicing wires forming springs for the coin receptacles and pawls for the gears of the wheels. The housing is adapted to be mounted on a sun visor in an automobile with a mounting clip (75).

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