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Modular liquid flow device, in particular a water construction kit

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5112263.

A modular device including:a receptacle (1) suitable for containing a liquid;a support (5) connected to the receptacle to define, together with the receptacle, a structure extending in part above the level of the liquid contained in the receptacle, said structure being provided with assembly components in a first pattern (20, 21, 22);a plurality of liquid-conveying elements (3) each possessing assembly components in a second pattern complementary to the first pattern, the elements being mounted on the structure in positions selected for conveying the liquid from one element to another and/or to the receptacle; anda liquid raising unit (6) for raising the liquid from the receptacle to a liquid-distribution box (4) co-operating with at least one of the liquid-conveying elements.

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