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Modular heat installation for premises with water as a heat transmitting medium

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5111875.

A heat installation for buildings, with water as the heat transmitting medium which comprises a forward pipe and a return pipe (19 and 18 respectively) as well as radiators (11) connected to said pipes. Said installation is designed as a building element system and comprises differently designed buildings elements (1-10), which are strip- and block-shaped and can be inserted into each other and with which said forward pipe and said return pipe are integral parts. Said installation includes a main connection element (1), connection elements (2), inner corner and outer corner elements (3 and 4 respectively), threshold transition elements (5, 7), thresholds (6), radiator connection elements (8) and terminal parts (9). In a radiator connection element (8), like in the majority of the remaining elements, said pipes are arranged the one above the other, and through said element cylindrical cuts (51) extend, at right angles with said pipes, within the plane of said pipes and at a distance from each other in a horizontal direction, in which cuts inserts (54 and 55 respectively) can be introduced, one insert type (54) being designed for a one-pipe system and one of the radiator connection elements as regards said two-pipe-system respectively, while the other insert type is designed for a two-pipe-operation having a casing-like constriction element (66), which crosses the adjacent pipe (19) and ends in the other pipe (18). Said insert types can optionally be introduced into said cuts in order to allow a one-or-two pipe operation, also within the same installation.

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