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Expansible chamber device having variably restrained valve systems

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5111843.

In accordance with an illustrative embodiment of the present invention, an expansible chamber device includes a piston movable within a cylinder, a head on the cylinder having intake and exhaust ports, a normally-open intake valve for closing the intake port automatically when the flow rate or velocity of a working medium entering the cylinder reaches a predetermined value, variable restraining means for inhibiting closing of the intake valve in response to flow, an exhaust valve for preventing excape of working medium from the cylinder until cylinder pressure is reduced to a set level, spring means for opening the exhaust valve at that level, and means operable near the top-dead-center position of the piston for automatically opening the intake valve and for closing the exhaust valve to enable the cycle to repeat. A unique system for controlling the variable restraining means, as well as methods for regulating the flow or working medium through said valves, also is disclosed.

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