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Disk memory device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5111345.

A disk memory device is provided that will maximize the storage capacity of a memory disk while at the same time maximize the record and playback data rate. Two recording disks are mounted upon a common shaft that is rotated at a fixed speed. Each disk has a recording area including a surface upon which data can be recorded/read in the form of tracks arranged either in concentric tracks or in a spiral. The recording area surfaces are divided into multiple concentric track groups. Two read/write heads and two head positioning servos (including electronic controls) are mounted such that each disk recording surface can be read out or written by the read/write heads. Each track of the multiple track groups of the first disk are given designated numbers beginning with the outer track of the outermost or edge track group and continuing in higher consecutive numbers until the inner track of the innermost track group is designated. However, each track of the multiple track groups of the second disk are given designated numbers in the exact reverse order of the first disk, such that the combined length of a track from the first disk, when added to the length of the same numbered track of the second disk is a constant, generating a constant data rate for the disk memory device.

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