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Transluminal infusion of magnesium during coronary angioplasty

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5108365.

Provided is an improved method of percutaneous transluminal balloon coronary angioplasty for dilating a narrowed portion of an artery. According to the method a multi-lumen inflatable balloon catheter having a predetermined balloon size and shape when inflated is introduced into the lumen of an artery in the patient and advanced until it is in the region of arterial narrowing. The balloon is then inflated for a pre-determined amount of time. According to a preferred embodiment the balloon is inflated for from about 1 to about 5 minutes. The inflated balloon deforms the adjacent narrowed portion of the artery and, in doing so, also blocks the blood flow through the artery. Into the lumen of the artery, immediately past the blockage created by the inflated balloon, an effective amount of a pharmaceutically acceptable magnesium preparation is then injected.

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