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End equipment for and method of setting-in communications via channels selected in a multiplex link

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5099479.

An end equipment comprises a subscriber line interface, a communication controller, a demultiplexing circuit, a multichannel receiving circuit, a multiplexer and a network line interface. The demultiplexing circuit receives data words at a rate n.D from the subscriber line, whereby n is an integer between 1 and a maximum value N. The data words are multiplexed in n independent channels selected among N multiplexed channels in a telecommunications network link at rate N.D. Each of N channels has a basic rate D. During a setting-in and synchronizing phase of a communication, synchronization frame bits are transmitted in the n selected channels. In a multichannel receiving circuit, the synchronization bits in n reception channels of the network link are detected sequentially, and a synchronization is carried out channel by channel. When all the reception channels involved in the nD-rate communication are synchronized, transmission of the synchronization bits is stopped and is followed by a data transfer phase during which data words are transmitted at rate n.D in the link.

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