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Process and machine for gauging and stuffing meat products under vacuum conditions

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5097876.

A meat stuffing machine that operates under vacuum conditions during loading for the purpose of improving the homogeneity of the final product. The machine consists of: a tank supported on a machine frame, which includes a duct connecting it to a vacuum source, a duct for loading meat, and a recess on a side of the tank which houses a pneumatic cylinder used to push the meat product toward the bottom of the tank. An interchangeable gauging cavity contains a pusher means operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The gauging cavity is connected to a plate that is slidably secured to a flat wall of the machine frame, which has an aperture connecting to the tank and a second aperture that leads to a hollow tube that supports a casing. Once the gauging cavity is filled with meat product it slides to the second aperture and fills the casing supported by the hollow tube.

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