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Electrical wire connector

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5092797.

An electrical wire connector (10) has a C-shaped body section having arcuate ears (22) laterally therealong and converging from a wide end to a narrow end and forming wire grooves (24), a wedge having converging concave side surfaces (32) forming wire channels opposing wire grooves (24) when inserted into the wide end of the C-shaped member (12), and a shear head drive bolt (50) for urging the wedge (14) into the C-shaped member upon actuation to compress and thus interconnect respective wires (16,18) placed along the wire channels. The drive bolt (50) has an outer hexagonal head (54) joined to a smaller inner hexagonal head (56) at a frangible section to be sheared off upon achievement of a selected torque level which assures interconnection of the wires when attained. The facets of the inner head are angularly offset out of phase with the outer head facets (64) so that corners (66) of the smaller inner head (56) axially align with centers of the outer head facets (64) and are radially aligned with facets (64) or are incrementally radially inwardly thereof, so that a socket of a wrench placed over the bolt (50) for actuation can only be axially misaligned an incremental angle minimizing shear due to bending moment rather than full torque.

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