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Process for preparation of neodymium or neodymium-iron alloy

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5091065.

Provided is a fused salt electrolysis process for preparing neodymium or a neodymium alloy, especially a neodymium/iron alloy, which has a high purity and a reduced carbon content, at a low cost, a high current efficiency and a high productivity. According to this fused salt electrolysis process, by collecting the formed neodymium or neodymium alloy at the bottom of the bath and incorporating oxygen gas in the atmosphere above the bath, powdery carbon generated from the carbon electrodes is removed by oxidation and consumption and the electrolysis bath is stabilized. Furthermore, by using a plate-shaped electrode at least for the anode, the critical current density is increased and neodymium or a neodymium alloy can be formed at a high current density and a high current efficiency.

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