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Bow sight with projected reticle aiming spot

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5090805.

A bow sight apparatus is described with at least one lighted reticle aiming spot which is projected onto a partially reflecting mirror through which the target is viewed to superimpose the aiming spot on the target image. A light guide of fluorescent plastic is employed to convert ambient visible light entering such light guide into colored light of a selected wavelength, such as green light, which is transmitted through one or more aiming apertures in a reticle member to produce the aiming spot. Range adjustment is provided by moving a reticle projection mirror to adjust the position of the aiming spot between different precalibrated range positions, or by providing several different aiming spots corresponding to different target ranges. A bow mount attaches the sight to a bow handle by a bracket which adjusts the sight vertically and horizontally for calibration sighting of the sight. A battery operated auxiliary light, such as a switch actuated light emitting diode, may be mounted on the light guide to direct additional colored light into it.

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