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Heart pacemaker

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5088491.

A cardiac pacemaker for implanting in a patient includes a device for applying stimulating pulses to the heart of the patient at a rate determined by a pacing parameter; a device for detecting a first physiological parameter which is correlated with physical exertion of the patient and producing a first output signal representative of the first physiological parameter; a circuitry device receiving the first output signal for varying the pacing parameter as a function of the first output signal received as an input variable; and the circuitry device being a closed-loop control device which receives first output signal from the device for detecting the first physiological parameter, for determining one of (a) the product of the heart rate and the stroke volume and (b) the product of the heart rate and a single variable representative of the stroke volume as the cardiac output, to correspond to changes in the first output signal which represents a standard for the current physical exertion of the patient, for varying the pacing parameter.

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