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Lap belt webbing adjuster

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5088160.

A seat belt webbing adjuster having a base frame provided with a moveable elongated load bar of unique shape having a substantially planar transverse surface and having multiple transverse rounded edges displaced therefrom and about which seat belt webbing is wrapped, the load bar being adapted to pinch the webbing against the body frame at the planar surface and to frictionally engage the webbing at the rounded edges. Inasmuch as said webbing is pinched only along the planar surface of the load bar, jamming of the webbing as it is adjusted is avoided and the webbing adjuster assembly can be made to loose tolerances, thus decreasing the manufacturing costs. Moreover, the load bar of the webbing adjuster is of unique construction being provided with two end keepers, wherein through use of the keepers the load bar can be positioned between flanges in the base frame by placing the keepers through slots in the flanges and press fitting them into opposite end of the load bar, thus simplifying assembly and eliminating the need to bend and stress the flanges of the base frame as was required with the traditional one piece load bar.

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