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Video image display processor

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5087971.

A video signal processing device is incorporated in an image output device such as a thermal printer which is connected to an analog video signal source such as a computerized medical diagnostic imaging system, e.g., a CT scanner. The video signal processing device has a memory which stores data for determining the total number of horizontal pixels along a single horizontal line in a frame based on the number of frames to be displayed on a display unit or recorded on a recording medium, and the aspect ratio of the frames, and data for determining the frequency of the sampling pulses supplied to an A/D converter based on the total number of horizontal pixels and the number of scanning lines of the analog video signal. Based on the data stored in the memory, a processor supplies sampling pulses to the A/D converter depending on input and output conditions which are entered through a control panel by the operator. The video output device can easily display or record desired image information in a single frame or a plurality of frames on a display unit or a recording medium.

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