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Water walking device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5080621.

A water walking device which has a pair of buoyant hulls (20), longer than they are wide, with a number of propulsion flaps (22) mounted on the bottom. The flaps are hinged and fold into the hull creating cup-like resistance chambers when hinged open to offset the rearward force of the wearer. The flaps rotate inwardly when the hull is urged forward allowing the wearer to be propelled forward by a walking action. A footwell (30) is located in each hull with the bottom below the waterline and near the center of gravity. A resilient shoe (32) attached into the footwell provides a removable connection between the wearer and the device. A propulsion fin (52) under the footwell provides stability and optionally a pair of side panels (54) extend the surface and function in the same manner as the flaps. A storage compartment (56), handles (620) a removable stabilizing arm (72) and a seat (78) may be added for ease of operation and comfort.

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